About Emaar Square Mall

Shopping, Entertainment, Social Life and Gastronomy Centre

Emaar Square Mall, which has been one of the parts of social life in Istanbul since 28 April 2017, continues to host its visitors with its unique and inclusive line.

Emaar Square Mall project entered into service to provide an area where meets all the needs of its visitors from Turkey and other countries, as a result of this mission it hosts 491 separate brands also carries a wellness centre features over the 138 thousand 423 square meters field.

At the same time luxury, accessible luxury and economic; offers options for every budget in one place. Along with the brand's own discounts and deals, Emaar Square makes shopping easier with the advantages it offers to its visitors.Emaar Square embraces the heart of fashion while hosting various brands from Italian, French, German, American and many parts of the world; It creates a traditional, modern, popular and universal concept by including Turkish brands in its field all the while offering economical, accessible luxury; it offers options for every budget in one place.

By adopting the same approach in the field of eating and drinking; international cuisine, as well as traditional Turkish cuisine, are located in the mall. While offering a wide range of flavours, it is also possible to find a choice of kitchens for every meal of the day. Emaar Square continues to be a gastronomy centre with this attitude while designing the coffee and cocktail-based beverage mix, which has become a part of modern city life so that visitors can have a pleasant time.

In another aspect, the centre; with many entertainment, music, art, culture and fashion activities, it also includes production and pleasure as well as consumption. While concerts, interviews, collections and design promotions are organized in the centre; it is also possible to find funny and informative activities for children.
Emaar Square, with its indoor and outdoor shops, provides a sheltered area. On the other hand, it has an architecture that does not deprive its visitors of the free, spacious street air.
Emaar Square is located in Üsküdar, one of the most popular cities of Istanbul with its large land, multi-storey structure, open area and promises a new neighbourhood of its own originality to all visitors in its easily accessible area.



Istanbul Gets Marked by Emaar

Dubai-based Emaar Properties is one of the world's largest real estate development companies. Emaar which has great projects and experiences in shopping malls, retail, tourism, entertainment and financial services sectors, signs iconic projects. It does not only develop real estate, but also provides a whole new experience with high value-added services that meet the needs of individuals who will use the places designed by Emaar Properties.

Founded in 1997, Emaar's activities in our country began in 2006. First, Emaar Turkey realized the Tuscan Valley project and then put into service together Rixos and Land of Legends in Antalya in 2016. The company's third and biggest project in our country is Emaar Square, which creates a new neighbourhood on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. The project was established on 66 acres of land in Çamlıca; and designed as a mixed-functional side which interconnects hotel, office, residential and shopping centre.

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