Chakra was created in 2006 as a brand of Kocaer Textile, a member of Kocaer Group, one of the largest industrial conglomerates of Denizli, Turkey. Chakra has become an appreciated and preferred brand with products that stimulate your sense of touch; giving you the fresh and clean feeling you've been looking for. The Chakra brand was created to carry nature's positive energy into home, even into the most personal spots, such as the bathroom and the bedroom. Chakra's collections focus on the use of bamboo to combine body-texture communication with positive life energy. With bath and beach towels, bathrobes, duvet sets, homewear, home accessories, aromatic oils, perfumes, oil lamps, candles and body care products, Chakra stores are specially designed to offer a defining selection that evokes the same sensations of pureness and cleanliness, high quality and elegance. Simple elegance, a crystal-clear atmosphere, an inviting restfulness are in fact the main elements of the Chakra stores.

  • Contact: +90(216)504-9087
  • Floor: -1

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