KLAVUU is the one of the prestigious Korean K-BEAUTY Skin Care brands. It’s products contain high quality Korean black pearl ingredient, pure ocean aqua minerals and seeds.

The symbol of KLAVUU is derived from the shape of a pearl, which symbolizes eternal heritage, clean beauty and precious energy source of the ocean. The name ‘KLAVUU’ is derived from two Swedish words ‘Klar’ and ‘Vuu’. The word ‘Klar’ means ‘clear’ in the hope of providing you a clear product, and ‘Vuu’ meaning ‘view’. Together, these words represent our philosophy of delivering you a clear and clean products.

KLAVUU Skincare researchers developed the term pearlsation, referring to KLAVUU’s own identity and character of turning over your skin to a complete new spectrum. All of KLAVUU’s products contain pearls, marked as pearl extract on the label. We choose the best and highest grade of Korean pearl on all of our products. Pearl is the only jewel that forms in a live organism by the power of a life of the ocean. It goes well with every place and anyone in the world. KLAVUU holds its own distinctive beauty and purity of nature. If you aspire to treat your skin with such precious beauty, KLAVUU can become your own beauty secret.

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